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Muhammad, the messenger of Allah(SAW) showed mankind how to live upon this earth. He clarified in the most minute detail how humans should worship their Lord, interact with each other and live their daily lives in a state of awareness of their Creator. It is hoped that this work will help Muslims to incorporate the Prophetic programme into their daily lives. They may then come to love following his path in every state and in so doing attain the love of Allah.
Shaykh Umar Husayn al-Khatib has travelled to the East and West teaching people the Prophetic Way. He currently teaches in Dar alMustafa in Tarim, Yemen, a city which has been a bastion of the Sunnah from the earliest days of Islam.
“A clear, concise, yet comprehensive guide to practically following the Prophet (SAW) in one’s life – from walking to sleep; in worship, work, and life. It contains gems of guidance: I know of no work like it in English. A must-read for any Muslim.”

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Seekershub Global

Shaykh Umar Husayn Al-Khatib