Arabic Conversation Book - With Roman

Arabic Conversation Book - With Roman

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Arabic Conversation Book - With Roman

By MOHD. Harun Rashid and Khalid Perwez

This Arabic Conversation Book is an invaluable guide to modern spoken Arabic. It has been specially designed for tourists, business travelers and students who wish to acquire a certain amount of proficiency in spoken Arabic in a short span of time.

The book is aimed at imparting basic communicative skills in spoken Arabic. This book is intended to serve the need of those whose aim is to speak Arabic fluently and confidently in a short time. The book covers a wide range of topics from airport to hotel, from eating to clothing, from restaurant to shopping and many more. All expressions in the book have been given in many more. All expressions in the book have been given in modern standard Arabic. To help those who can’t read Arabic, we have especially transcribed the Arabic text into English.

This Arabic Conversation Book will provide the learners with basic and working knowledge of the Arabic language of the Arabic language and enable them to understand and communicate Arabic in an excellent manner.




1 Introduction 7
2 At the Airport 11
3 In the Hotel 15
4 In the Restaurant 19
5 In the Bank 23
6 At the Post Office 29
7 In a Shopping Mall 35
8 The Hosipital 41
9 A Holiday 45
10 International Trade fair 49
11 At a Chemist Shop 55
12 At the Railway Station 59
13 Visiting a Friend 65
14 Sightseeing 69
15 Cardinal Number 73
16 Ordinal Number 77
17 Fractions 80
18 Months and Seasons of the Year 81
19 Days and Timings